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In today’s garment making and designing business, whether it is a small, medium, or a large-scale garment business, a computer aided design (CAD) system is a must-have software. CAD software solutions help clothes manufacturers and brands in increasing cutting room productivity, pattern accuracy, and overall fit. If you are a fashion designer, styler, or you need to design patterns for your own apparel business, you need to master these digital tools. This article will assist you in learning more about pattern-making software.


Lectra’s digital solutions bring together the fashion industry software, hardware, services and data. Kaledo Style, one of Lectra’s pattern making tools, assists designers at important stages of the fashion design process, from stylized drawings to technical designs. At all stages of concept formulation and development, it allows design teams to generate boards, line drawings, and mini-bodies while increasing efficiency.

Tuka CAD

Tuka CAD is a software for 2D CAD pattern making, grading and marker making. It is a fashion CAD pattern creating software with comprehensive functionality and process engineering to enable accurate pattern building, bespoke grading standards, and marker nesting for any style. Every tool also has audio/video support. Instead of changing the patterns one by one, Tuka CAD allows you to easily change the numbers in your measuring chart.


For fashion, apparel, automobile, and upholstery, Optitex offers end-to-end fashion design software, including 2D CAD/CAM pattern design and 3D prototype. A suite of 3D tools that present virtual samples in an innovative 3D digital environment that allows you to construct your garment and make quick modifications at the touch of a button, with photorealistic rendering for a true-to-life visualization, driven by photorealistic rendering.

Gerber AccuMark

Gerber Technology’s AccuMark platform is a fully integrated suite of software products to take you from design to completion. The smart pattern design, grading, marker making and production planning platform allows you to visualize your design, create accurate patterns and optimize your markers with a suite of software solutions that seamlessly connects data. Its 3D design module helps you visualize your samples in 3D with the click of a button.


Richpeace offers an intelligent cutting and sewing technology used in fashion, apparel, home textile, bags, shoes making and more. Its ​​Garment CAD Design Center consists of various software programs most of which are free to download. You can design patterns and grading in computers or digitizing existing patterns into computers. The down content function in the grading part calculates the amount of filling in the entire piece or component, making it easier for you to calculate the amount and cost.


Etelestia is a CAD and fashion learning platform, which offers both online courses and CAD software. Its apparel CAD system includes pattern making, grading, cutting and fashion designing tools. It combines a set of easy to learn CAD tools and functions, which allows you to create your own blocks and styles, build-up your own style library, modify and adjust existing blocks and create fully professional collections. The software comes with built-in help and ready examples feature.

PAD System

PAD System is a sophisticated and full-featured CAD pattern making software. Its Pattern Design system includes advanced capabilities such as Clone, Made-To-Measure, and others that enable you to use the most powerful CAD tools for pattern design, pattern treatment, grading, bulk customisation, and custom-made tailoring.

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