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5 brands that are leading virtual fashion

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The future of the world, which is becoming more and more digital every day, is both exciting and a little scary. However, it is useful to step into it step by step without being too far away. The fashion scene, which does not hesitate to open its doors to innovation and technology, has no difficulty in accepting virtual trends. If you don’t know where to start to get familiar with digital designs with technological details, it is worth knowing these 5 brands and what they are doing in terms of moving fashion to the future.

The Fabricant

Bringing haute couture designs together with digital, The Fabricant is a brand that came to life with the desire of its founder Kerry Murphy to carry her expertise in visual effects to the fashion world. The Fabricant Studio, founded by the very same brand, is a platform where anyone, anywhere can become a digital fashion creator and participate in the digital fashion economy. The brand aims to pave the way for creative people who want to produce in this field and to make virtual fashion design accessible to everyone from all over the world.

Tribute Brand

Founded in Croatia by Gala Marija Vrbanic and Filip Vajda, Tribute Brand’s existence is purely virtual and its designers draw their inspiration from video games. In addition, directing sustainable fashion and preventing waste are among the aims of the founders. Combining 3D modeling, UX design and coding, Tribute Brand is shaping digital fashion with its futuristic designs.


Carlings offers with its Digital Collection a solution for the environmental impact of mass consumption and the ongoing demand for new clothes by online influencers. In 2018, the Norwegian fashion house released a virtual collection called “Neo X”, containing 19 pieces in bright colour and clear inspiration from the digital world in prints and graphics. The collection sold out and was also quite the hit on social media.


Auroboros is one of the most promising digital brands that proves how fashion can closely connect with science and technology. Although the world they have created may seem a little utopian for now, the brand actually enables us to discover what awaits us in the future. The London-based brand designs haute couture pieces inspired by nature, called biomimicry.

XR Couture

XR Couture, which will help you meet digital fashion closely, offers clothes, shoes and accessories that can be worn in the virtual environment. XR Couture, which stands out with its designs that can keep up with the new era, from futuristic sneakers to mermaid dresses, also takes care to cooperate with young designers who want to improve themselves in this field.

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