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Different types of irons for clothes

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Irons are products used to remove wrinkles on clothes and provide a flatter appearance. Irons, which convert electrical energy into heat thanks to the resistance inside, have undergone some changes over time in parallel with the developments in the technical field. 

We can divide irons into two as industrial irons and household irons, depending on their intended use. Industrial type irons are generally preferred in the textile industry, tailor companies and dry cleaning workplaces. The main feature of these irons is that they allow fast ironing continuously. Household irons, on the other hand, are smaller diameter irons used at home.

It is possible to classify irons within themselves according to their characteristics. Accordingly, the main types of ironing are:

Traditional Irons

Traditional irons, or hand irons, are irons that are directly connected to the electrical outlet. The steam boiler of such irons is located directly on the iron itself. There is no circuit or boiler to which the iron is connected separately.

Steam Generator Irons

These are irons that have a steam tank apart from the iron. The steam generator iron produces faster and pressurized steam, making it easier to iron the items that are the most difficult to iron. The powerful steam feature allows the creases in the laundry to be removed faster.

Mini Irons

Irons that are smaller in size compared to steam irons and hand irons are called mini irons. Mini irons without an external steam boiler are generally used for travel, while mini irons with steam generators are preferred in industrial areas for ironing small items.

Automatic Irons

Automatic ironing machine products, which are larger in size compared to normal irons, are used in textile factories. With these irons, it is aimed to iron a large number of clothes in a short time.

Hanging Irons

Mounted iron or hanging iron refers to irons suspended in the air rather than on a normal ironing board or platform. This type of iron usually has a vertical hanger to hang the iron.

What to look for when choosing an iron

In order to obtain the desired efficiency from an iron, it is necessary to choose an iron suitable for its intended use. Therefore, there are some points to consider when choosing an iron. First of all, it is necessary to decide whether the irons to be preferred will be steam generator or classic. 

Steam irons are very practical in industrial areas and large family homes where a large number of items are ironed continuously. In addition, care should be taken to have a descaling system while ironing. In order for the iron to last longer, it is essential to protect it from limescale.

Another thing to consider when ironing is the power of the iron. As this value, expressed in watts, increases, so does the iron’s electricity production; however, it provides the opportunity to iron faster. The material from which the soleplate is made is also important for the selection of the iron.

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