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Is the $3 trillion fashion industry open to entrepreneurship?

One of the most popular issues of recent years is entrepreneurship. Each of us has come across this word when…

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Boots made from upcycled coffee grounds

Singapore-based sustainable footwear startup Ccilu has unveiled the XpreSole Panto as “the world’s first rain boot made from upcycled coffee…

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Soluble t-shirt colored with carbon dioxide absorbing algae

Almost everyone has a black clothing piece in their wardrobe. The raw material of black, which is undoubtedly one of…

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QMILK: The technology that turns milk into clothes

We were quite surprised when we heard the news that Anke Domaske, a German entrepreneur, fashion designer and microbiologist, produced…

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Sustainable 3D Printed Fabric: DefeXtiles

3D printing technology made it possible to reborn and reuse undreamed objects from transforming plastic waste in the oceans into…

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