Air-filtering suit design that converts sounds into color waves

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When the sound cannot be fully transmitted, everything is observed and experienced with the eyes. In this air-filtering suit design, the sound is converted into color fluctuations and played visually.

Voice In Sight, which won an award in the fashion design category at the Golden Pin awards, is a futuristic fashion object that claims to be able to communicate with quality even when everyone lives in their own isolated space. On the other hand, this is a concept design and therefore not a product that has been implemented yet.

In addition to the pandemic, environmental pollution, depletion of oxygen in the atmosphere and similar dystopian scenarios are among the reasons for the emergence of this garment. In its current form, Voice In Sight looks like a robe that covers the entire body. The most striking aspect is that it has a headdress similar to that of astronauts.

On the back of the hood is a breathable membrane to allow filtered air to pass through. A series of lights on the top and bottom notify other people visually when the user speaks. Created by Jia-Yu Ku, the aim of the concept design is to analyze how sounds can be made visible in a garment where sounds cannot be easily transmitted. That’s why it’s called Voice In Sight.

No further technical details have been given on how this garment will do this. However, when you look at the images, you can get some idea.

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