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AI-powered bionic suit for people with mobility difficulties

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Bionic clothing brand CIONIC’s Neural Sleeve has made quite a splash in the wearable technology world, with its precision blending of motion technology with inclusive design. The FDA-approved bionic leg promises independence for those who suffer from conditions that restrict movement such as sclerosis, stroke, and cerebral palsy. Artificial intelligence plays a big role in this.

The Neural Sleeve is advertised as “the first bionic garment capable of sensing, analyzing and amplifying, step-by-step, providing Functional Electrical Stimulation to the four major muscle groups of the leg at the right time.” Jeremiah Robison, founder and CEO of CIONIC, first started this ambitious project when his daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. It has since set out to help hundreds of millions of people with reduced mobility live independently.

Featuring a breathable texture, the Neural Sleeve is a lightweight design available in multiple colors and sizes. It creates the feeling of wearing an athletic tights on the wearer. Once paired with the CIONIC app, the user takes control of their mobility journey. The product is described as a “Class II medical wearable device that uses artificial intelligence and functional electrical stimulation through electrodes to support leg movement and smoother gait.”

CIONIC is also conducting home usability trials to analyze the effect of the Neural Sleeve on mobility. Most of the users who participated in these experiments not only reported increased mobility, but the number of users experiencing moderate to severe pain decreased by 60%. Again, the number of users experiencing moderate to severe anxiety or depression decreased by 75%.

CIONIC has started accepting pre-orders for delivery in early 2023.

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