Robotic clothes inspired by the digital world

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Drawing attention with her works that combine technology and fashion, designer Ying Gao introduced her collection of real robotic clothes with virtual appearance. The Montreal-based designer has created virtual-looking real garments from stretchy fabric. While the idea that inspired the futuristic collection is not entirely new, the way Ying implemented the idea is quite different.

Inspired by the world of NFT and digital fashion, Ying used an entirely new and flexible material made up of glass, precious metals and silicon in her designs. Each piece of clothing can be twisted and moved to simulate the virtual world. Ying describes his designs as Polymorphic. The the sci-fi-like collection named “2 5 2 6” refers to the 2,526 hours that the designer spent preparing the collection.

“If the role of the fashion designer is to imbue a form and a function to materials intended to dress the body,” says Ying, “I wonder about the question of the immaterial garment and the virtual body, devoid of substance when the digital has become a real ‘second nature’.”

“Most of the time, my work is an attempt to remind us that clothing is not only a consumer product to be bought, worn and thrown away; that fashion design can be thought-provoking,” she explains. 2 5 2 6 is a welcomed turn away from the usual

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