Woolmark has gone sustainable with 3D advertising

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Announcing its global antisynthetic textile campaign with the slogan “Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel”, The Woolmark Company carried out 3D advertisement works in London and New York as part of the campaign.

The brand, which realized that the harms of synthetic fabrics were not known enough in a research conducted before the campaign, aims to educate consumers about the fact that synthetic fabrics are made from fossil fuels and to encourage them to choose natural fabrics, especially woolen fabrics, when purchasing.

The Woolmark Company, which produces woolen textile products, has been trying to change the perception that wool fiber can only be used for winter. They had even prepared a collection of beach clothes before, taking advantage of the moisture-retaining effect of Merino wool, which they used in their products.

Merino wool is also an environmentally friendly raw material as it dissolves in nature by itself and contributes to the biological cycle and does not create any micro-plastic waste. The company focuses on positioning The Woolmark Company products as ecological and suitable for all-season use, by supporting the change in perception with its communication efforts within the scope of its new global campaign.

For this purpose, he published a short video work, an extension of the main commercial, on the 3D billboards in London’s Piccadilly Circus Square and New York’s Times Square Square in order to be more visible and create a strong impact. In the 60-second commercial that aired earlier this month in which we saw people trying to get out of a swimming pool filled with crude oil, it was stated that an Olympic swimming pool’s worth of crude oil is used every 25 minutes in the production of polyester garments. The same information was also included in the 3D advertisement video.

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