Bella Hadid’s futuristic spray-painted dress

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Paris-based Coperni pushed the boundaries of fashion technology for its Spring/Summer 2023 collection at Paris Fashion Week. The finale of the show gave us one of the most talked about fashion moments in recent days.

The star of the show was fabric made using Fabrican, a patented material sprayed from a can that cures into a wearable textile. And of course, the other heroine of this performance was Bella Hadid.

In the finale of the show, we watched a performance centered on Bella Hadid and Fabrican. It all started with Hadid walking the runway in nude underwear. A team of experts led by Dr Manel Torres, managing director of Fabrican Ltd and inventor of spray fabric, created a minimalist white Coperni dress with a spear sprayed directly on the body.

“We’re not going to make money on this but it’s more of a celebration of innovation and having strong moments in fashion because we’re passionate about pushing fashion forward,” said Coperni’s CEO and co-founder, Arnaud Vaillant.

Bella Hadid is very happy to be a part of this special experience. While conveying her thanks to the team, the model also shared behind-the-scenes footage of the show on her Instagram account.

The relationship between fashion, art and technology are intertwined concepts that we have talked about for many years and will probably continue to talk about. Aside from some clichés, we are really excited about the limits of creativity of designers and brands. Bella Hadid and her futuristic Coperni dress are already a candidate to be one of the most memorable moments of Paris Fashion Week.

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