Bulletproof loungewear against firearm fatalities

Luftkuss Atelier

US designers Tian Wang and Teague Miller produced bullet resistant homewear inspired by the armament culture out of control in a country where an average of more than 100 firearm deaths a day.

Bathrobes and slippers included in the collection called “Kickback”, which is stated to be designed for sedentary use, were handmade by Mirae Studio. Both products are made using ballistic aramid fiber fabric and covered with bulletproof body plates.

“These one-size-fits-most slides will ensure your lil’ piggies go wee-wee-wee all the way home, everyday intact and still attached to the rest of your body. And they’re comfortable—unlike the truth! Don’t let our nation’s problems become your own. Kick back with Kickback today!” says the team.

Insprad Creative Agency

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