Moncler celebrates 70th anniversary with huge performance

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To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Moncler opened the celebrations that will last for 70 days with an epic invitation and show at Milan’s most iconic spot, Piazza del Duomo, last night.

Pioneering and faithfully maintaining the extraordinary, Moncler has again brought to life a spectacular and engaging visual performance. The energy of the entire night was centered around the Maya jacket, an iconic design that bridges the brand’s past and future.

The opening of this unprecedented show was performed by the principal ballerina of Teatro alla Scala di Milano Virna Toppi, followed by the unique association of 1952 artists, who painted the entire square with a white palette, with the Maya collection specially prepared for the foundation year of Moncler.

The show was directed by the famous choreographer Sadeck Berrabah, giving Moncler lovers a unique reinterpretation of the geometrical boundaries of the human body and contemporary dance.

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