Lyst has revealed fashion’s hottest brands for Q2

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Used by more than 200 million people, Lyst analyzes which brands are on the rise every year based on user behavior and presents us a quarterly list. There are important changes in the new report of Lyst Index prepared for the second quarter of 2022.

Gucci, which has become even more popular with the collaborations of both adidas and Harry Styles, manages to be the most popular brand by placing at the top of its report. Balenciaga, which highlights Kim Kardashian as the brand face and frequently featured in her appearances, is in second place. Bottega Veneta, which was in eighth place in the first quarter, seems to have fallen out of shape a bit as the fashion house is falling back to 17 on the list this time.

This quarter’s Index proves there is huge brand value in claiming a memorable IRL moment. Dolce and Gabbana climbs 7 positions to re-enter the Lyst Index, with searches for the brand spiking 114% following the Kardashian-Barker wedding in Portofino. 6th position Dior held a fiesta-inspired cruise show in Seville.

The sequential version of the Lyst Index is as follows:

1 Gucci

2 Balenciaga

3 Pradas

4 Valentino

5 Louis Vuitton

6 Dior

7 Miu Miu

8 Fendi

9 Diesel

10 Burberry

11 Versace

12 Nike

13 adidas

14 Loewe

15 Dolce&Gabbana

16 St. Laurent

17 Bottega Veneta

18 Moncler

19 Off-White

20 Jacquemus

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