Store designs that look like art galleries

Luftkuss Atelier

Architect and visual designer Nuno Antunes shares interesting and aesthetically pleasing store and window designs of world-famous brands on his Linkedin account.

Nuno Antunes, who provides store design consultancy to brands such as Nespresso, Guerlain and Luxottica, as well as French fashion giant Louis Vuitton through Gonçalo Silva Arquitectos Associados company located in Lisbon, continues to inspire with his posts he collects store designs in the luxury fashion and retail sector.

We have listed the most striking ones among the store design posts published by Antunes with the “How to create impact” title.

Louis Vuitton – Chengdu Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, China
Hermes – Tokyo, Japan
Dolce & Gabbana – Cannes, France
Louis Vuitton, London
Adidas x Gucci – Orlando, US
Insprad Creative Agency

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