Can a smart ring become a trend in the fashion world?

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While other sports leagues were thinking about how to continue their programs in the summer of 2020, when Covid cases were increasing, the American basketball league NBA returned to the field with unexpected help which came from a Finnish jeweler.

Pioneering smart ring startup Oura gave teams the ability to analyze athletes’ heart rates, respirations, body temperatures and identify possible early signs of the virus via a titanium band and app. Especially the last one worked very well during the league. Oura’s lightweight rings were less distracting than smartwatches, which convinced the NBA to purchase 2,000 stylish, sensored devices.

Originally developed as a simple sleep tracking tool in 2015, sales of smart rings have doubled year over year. The company, which launched its third-generation model late last year, is worth $800 million today. But this period of uncontrolled growth may soon end. Two new biometric rings were introduced at the CES Consumer Electronics Show held last January. Meanwhile, some experts predict that Apple’s smart ring patent, which it applied for in 2015, will deliver its first products this year. And it looks like Apple’s market share will be quite large.

So, can any smart ring become a trend in the fashion world? This is the common goal of all brands. However, the fact that the Apple Watch cannot go beyond being a functional device shows that it is not easy to achieve this goal. So any tech brand hoping to make a splash in the men’s fashion and jewelery world has to play this game much smarter than the others.

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