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The book that turns into a real loom to teach weaving techniques

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The rustling of the shuttle moving from left to right while weaving is called the “xui” sound in Taiwan. This auditory word (onomatopoeia) is also the title of the book Cai Wei Qun, carefully constructed on the craft of weaving. This book is a treasure trove of history, techniques and tricks. It also has a full loom sandwiched between its covers. This bench becomes usable when the book is opened.

This clever design hidden inside the book is fully functional. It offers the possibility to produce small tapestries based on the patterns and applications described in the book. This makes the book a guide that offers both information and accessibility.

“Traditional weaving tools are huge and complicated, with weaving processes that are commonly difficult to learn. XIU hopes that being able to experience simple weaving techniques will pique the reader’s curiosity in learning more about the culture of weaving,” says designer Cai WeiQun.

The weaving machine is directly demonstrated within the pages of the book, allowing the reader to simply flip through the pages and appreciate the art form not through text or images, but through actual experience.

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