Startup Scout creates AI-generated models for fashion companies

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Artificial Intelligence technology has also changed and transformed the textile industry, which is planned to reach a market share of 350 billion dollars by 2025. This technology has affected processes such as sewing preparation, quality control, color evaluation, instant stock and productivity tracking in the production process. This aroused the appetite of many investors and investments in the field began to attract attention. is one of the new remarkable startups that attract attention in this sector. Founded by a team of Chinese entrepreneurs, the company designs clothes for fashion brands using artificial intelligence technology. The software they developed defines parameters such as face, height, skin color and body shape. Thus, models specially designed for brands emerge. With their AI generated high-quality model images, they aim to help fashion brands reduce waiting time, save cost, and improve diversity.

“We are flipping and shortening that process. [Customers] can now test a piece of clothing by putting it on a virtual model, which can go on the website. Once orders come in, the e-commerce customer can start manufacturing,” Ella Zhang tells TechCrunch. “They can also test what type of people would suit a certain product by trying it out on different virtual models.”

The company was started by Ella Zhang, a former Google engineer, and Yang Han, who worked on artificial intelligence for many years at various technology companies., an artificial intelligence technology company focusing on the textile industry, has recently raised an investment of 8 million dollars. The company is preparing to partner with China-based fast fashion brand Shein in the coming period.

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