Reebok launches adaptive sneaker collection for people with disabilities

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Reebok has teamed up with Zappos Adaptive to launch a sneaker collection specifically designed to empower people with disabilities. Named ‘Fit to Fit’, the adaptive footwear is visualised for practicality and inclusivity while not compromising on style.

This easy-to-wear and take-off collection was born as a part of Reebok’s goal of a more accessible shoe. The collection consists of sneakers named Nanoflex Parafit TR and Club MEMT Parafit. In order to facilitate the work of people with limited mobility, the sneakers do not include compelling elements such as hooks, snap fasteners, buckles and buttons. The aim of the collection is to provide functional products for everyone while staying true to Reebok’s iconic design heritage.

“We’re proud to introduce our first official adaptive footwear collection to help those with disabilities thrive – from sports and fitness to everyday life,” says Todd Krinsky, Senior Vice President, GM, Product at Reebok Design Group (RDG).

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with RDG on their Fit to Fit Collection, and for the opportunity to introduce our first functional and fashionable athletic shoe to the Zappos Adaptive shopping experience,” comments Dana Zumbo, Business Development Manager at Zappos Adaptive. “First-hand feedback from the disability community is essential when designing or modifying a product that is accessible and also delivers on fashion.”

Nanoflex Parafit TR, a sneaker based on the Nanoflext TR model, is designed for disabled athletes who need an adaptable shoe. These shoes have a heel pull tab that makes it easy to pull from behind. This tab is an essential element, especially for people in wheelchairs.

Club MEMT Parafit is an updated version of Reebok’s popular tennis style shoe Club MEMT. This shoe has a removable insole to make it personalized. Available in larger sizes to accommodate prostheses or larger-than-normal feet.

Both sneakers can be purchased in pairs. Single shoe options will be launched soon for the disabled with one foot.

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