Speedo drops sustainable swimwear collection made of recycled materials

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Leading swimwear brand, UK-based Speedo has launched its most sustainable swimwear collection ever. The sustainable swimwear collection, called Eco, contains up to 82 percent recycled materials. Recycled yarn, plastic and polyester were used to make these new swimsuits.

Speedo also introduced two new fabrics, “Eco Endurance” and “Eco Endurabrite”, which it uses as material in swimsuits, together with swimsuits. Eco Endurabrite is made from 82% recycled plastic and ocean waste. This fabric makes swimsuits more resistant to chlorine. They stay like new for a long time and last longer and this reduces waste. Eco Endurance is made of 53% recycled polyester. It has been stated that this change in production provides savings by preventing more than 27,000 meters of fabric from going to waste.

Speedo hopes to achieve its zero emissions target by 2032 with such recycling moves. The pieces in this collection carry an important message besides being environmentally friendly. This sustainable approach draws attention to the state of the oceans, seas and beaches, which are the places most affected by plastic waste.

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