Gucci x Oura Ring combines fashion and technology in a luxurious way

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Gucci has teamed up with Oura to produce the Gucci x Oura Ring, a special-edition version of the Oura Ring that’s painted black, laced with 18 karat gold.

Oura says the Gucci x Oura Ring is set to “deliver all of Oura’s research-grade technology, personalized guidance, and insights in a new ring design, exquisitely crafted with Gucci’s legendary style”. The wearable technology ring unlocks a unique perspective given by hidden messages from the body, empowering individuals to connect with themselves throughout the day via wellness insights.

The Gucci x Oura Ring further elevates Oura’s sleek, versatile design with a luxury fashion twist. The design details of the ring are unmistakably Gucci — including a subtle impression of the Italian fashion house’s instantly-recognizable interlocking G monogram and a delicate, braided trim in 18-karat gold.

From letting you know how well you slept the previous night to nap detection, the Gucci x Oura Ring analyzes deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, nightly heart rate, daytime heart rate, optimized bedtime schedule, and more.

Revealing the idiosyncrasies of both the conscious and subconscious, the Gucci x Oura Ring becomes a full expression of the self. With 24/7 heart rate monitoring, seven temperature sensors, and sleep analysis, the smart ring decodes each individual day through three daily scores measuring sleep, activity, and readiness. Each score adapts and responds according to the wearer’s personal patterns.

The Gucci x Oura Ring, which is priced at $950, is available online at and in select Gucci retail locations around the world.  

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