Upholstery in textile: Fabrics for vehicles, furniture and more

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Upholstery is an ancient craft that has existed for centuries and today flourishes in many industries. Upholstery is the job of covering sofas, chairs, armchairs and similar furniture with leather or other fabric types. It simply means covering an object with another fabric form.

Today, upholstery is most often done for car seats. Car upholstery essentially refers to the refinishing or trimming of a vehicle’s interior skeleton and seats. The seats are the part of the car that is exposed to the most friction. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in choosing the fabric while coating. In long-term use, there may be wear and tear on the seat upholstery that needs to be repaired. Traditionally, reupholstery, removal, patterning and reinstallation of a vehicle’s seats are completed by experienced craftsmen.

The upholstery fabric in most vehicle seat upholstery applications attaches to the seat frame. Fasteners such as plastic clips, pig knot and velcro are removed. When these binding materials are removed and released, the factory upholstery is removed from the seat frame. Then it is re-laid and fixed. 

Upholstery Fabric Production

The fabric that touches the front without dyeing passes through the examination. Then comes the painting process. Advanced painting techniques are used to improve color accuracy. After dyeing, the fabric needs to be heated. This step determines the width, weight and texture of the fabric.

Then the fabric goes through some quality control inspections again. The next process is printing or adding patterns. Various printing technologies are used at this stage. Finally, final checks are made and the fabrics are packed.

Upholstery Fabric Features

  • The abrasion resistance of complex woven upholstery fabric is higher than that of plain and basket weave due to the high bonding points in the fabric.
  • Upholstery fabric weight affects the abrasion resistance of upholstery fabrics. Increased fabric weight also increases wear resistance.
  • Woven upholstery fabric shows high abrasion resistance compared to knitted upholstery fabrics.
  • As the fabric weight of the upholstery fabric increases, friction fastness decreases in both woven and knitted upholstery fabrics.
  • Woven upholstery fabrics with longer floats show higher friction fastness than shorter floats.
  • When comparing woven and knitted structures, knitted structures show high friction fastness.
  • As the fabric weight increases in upholstery fabrics, the potential for bending increases in both woven and knitted fabrics.
  • In woven fabrics, longer pile fabrics show lower bending potential.
  • An upholstery fabric with a knit structure exhibits higher cushioning or comfort properties than woven fabrics.

How to understand the quality of upholstery fabric? Upholstery fabrics should wrap the surrounding object well. They should not slide easily or be easy to separate from where they are fixed. On the other hand, it should not be deformed immediately. It should be resistant to friction. Air permeability should be at a reasonable level. Water permeability properties must be original.

Upholstery Fabric Usage Areas

Upholstery fabric is one of the most widely used fabric types. It is used in flooring applications over its name. Upholstery fabric is used everywhere, from the seat and chair we sit on while working, to the interior surface of the cars we use while commuting and to the seats. Upholstery fabrics in various raw materials, patterns and colors are used in the headboards, sofa and chair covers. While we often see leather upholstery fabric in offices, the upholstery fabric we see in cars is mostly nylon. There are also upholsterers that offer quite advanced and different options for cars. The most common use of upholstery outside the home and shop is the interior of cars.

Upholstery Fabrics for Cars

There are a variety of vehicle tiles you can use. Some people prefer traditional seat covers, while others prefer having the fabric inside replaced with completely new car upholstery. You can replace the types of upholstery fabrics on your seats with completely new materials and designs.

You can also choose fabrics that can maintain warmth in your seats, including ventilation and heating, while getting rid of your old materials and replacing them with new, high-quality seats.

Traditional seat covers are a completely different type of car upholstery. Because there is no question of replacing or reupholstering the seats in your car. Simply put, regular seat covers wrap around the stuff you currently have in your interior. These are usually very simple to install. However, it may need to be readjusted frequently.

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