How to start a women’s clothing line

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Creating a new fashion brand for women’s clothing is an exciting process. Whether you’re a designer looking to launch a brand new collection of dresses or a well-established business hoping to expand that line of clothing, there are some key things to consider before you start making your dream dresses.


Ensuring you create the perfect designs for your target audience is vital when starting out. The dress style you design should be reflected in your customer base and be available at an affordable price point to ensure profitability.

Besides pricing and design, it’s important to consider dress fit and shape. You’ll have to decide whether traditional looks will remain your signature collection. Or maybe the on-trend vibes will stand out over the years.

Body size is another important aspect of dress design, as individuals have different shapes and proportions. There are several industries in dress sizing, including small, standard, plus and long size garments. Choosing which subset to design for dresses is ideal for building a great brand.


Technical features such as the measurements and fit of your dresses are an important part of the production process. This information is sent to the dress manufacturer of your choice to ensure your designs are produced correctly.

Clothing manufacturers often advance their processes with a basic working model. This starts with a standard bust, waist and hip measurement. There can be up to 40 measurements for tailoring, and this information helps develop proportions for a dress, as well as neck-waist and waist-to-length measurements.

Other key features include the chest, upper chest, back circumference, and under the arms. You’ll also need armhole measurements for comfort. If dresses have sleeves, sleeve length is also important.

Fabric supply

Finding the perfect material is essential, as dresses cover many occasions, from evening wear to casual style. The fabric should be chosen according to the expected functionality of the dress. Prom dresses, for example, are elegant and beautiful, which must be represented by the fabric from which they are produced. Ideal options for this type of clothing are fabric versions of satin, silk, taffeta and lace. For casual wear, you can look for materials that offer a comfortable and durable option for everyday use.

To get a high-quality fabric that appeals to your audience, you will need to consider all options, including those that differ slightly from the initial design. Fabric should be chosen based on a mix of usability, durability and cost to align with your brand goals.

It is wise not to procure fabrics without an idea of the perfect material in mind. You can have the concept or style you hope to achieve. However, compromise is a trait quickly learned by fashion designers around the world. So don’t rush. Wait for the right time.


Once you’ve completed your designs, it’s time to find the garment manufacturer you want to work with. Depending on your needs, there are professionals from every point of the production process as well as those who take the whole process out of your hands.

If you’ve prepared everything, including samples, patterns, fabrics, and embellishments, choose a contract partner. This means cut and produce. These factories receive designs along with your patterns and extras to complete the final product.

Whether you need a small order of bespoke designs or are planning large orders for a retail chain, bringing a dress collection into production is an exciting step for any fashion business. Using our simple interface to make the process simple, you can find the ideal women’s dress manufacturers to suit your needs.

On the other hand, you can get it all done in one place. Whatever your MOQ is, there are companies that will help you to start your collection from designing to production. You can take a look at Luftkuss Atelier, a very professional clothing manufacturer, who also works with startups.

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