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Spreading over an area of 35 thousand square meters in Paris, Station F is the world’s largest start-up incubation center and is a candidate to be the best. The most important center of Station F, which hosts more than a thousand start-ups, is LVMH La Maison des Startups, which claims to “reinvent the future of luxury”. 

Maison, which opened its doors in 2017, carefully selects promising start-ups from all over the world every year. Successful qualifying participants have the opportunity to benefit from various programs offered by Maison, to meet and collaborate with LVMH brands for a year. 

Considering that the world giant LVMH has 75 brands under its roof, taking part in this special incubation center is a rare opportunity on the path of growth. Among the 50 start-ups hosted by the Maison this year, Desserto, Actronika and Heuritech stand out with their exciting projects.

Offering a vegan cactus alternative to leather, Desserto makes reference to the desert, the home of the cactus, with its name. Desserto, which is quite assertive in its competition with animal skins and synthetic products in terms of sustainability, performance and aesthetics, is already on its way to becoming the new object of desire. Behind this extraordinary start-up are Mexican duo Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cazarez. “Climate change, drought and desertification, which are the biggest problems of our near future, have created a great interest in the world for cacti, especially nopale (opuntia ficus-indica). We started from here,” the duo explains their project. Desserto is used in different sectors such as fashion, automotive, aviation and furniture. 

Actronika is another promising guest of the Maison. Founded by Gilles Meyer, Rafal Pijewski and Vincent Hayward, Actronika is a technology company that offers a haptic, tactile experience. Meyer defines the usage areas of Actronika, which offers all the necessary components, software, hardware, integration and R&D together to create a remote feeling, as “endless possibilities”. The project has spread to many fields, from gaming to fashion, from automotive to electronic gadgets. The application, which promises great convenience especially to the end user on the fashion front, allows you to feel the texture of the product you are interested in, without going to the store or waiting for the delivery of the online order. This both prevents loss of time and makes a great contribution to ecology as it will reduce exchanges and returns. 

Heuritech, powered by artificial intelligence, which provides trend and product predictions, is another promising start-up. As digitalization accelerates, we see a lot of analysis about fashion. On the other hand, all this data redundancy complicates things, and we may not know when to take into account which data and when. This is where Heuritech comes into play. They collect, analyze and report concrete data for fashion players. While creating these reports, the startup takes social media networks as the basis, because it is where the modern consumer expresses himself most comfortably and frequently. Analyzing millions of photos every day, the mission of the Heuritech team is to provide brands with a 360-degree market analysis and trend forecasting. All these help the world’s leading fashion brands to position themselves correctly, thus increasing their sales and preventing waste. 

La Maison des Startups is open to all talents and Maisons. To meet the startups and organise your demo-session, you can visit

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