Designer creates high tech garments using engineering

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Cameron Hughes, a New York based fashion designer and engineer, draws the attention of millions of people on social media with his transforming designs thanks to a set of sensors and engines. The fluffy dress, which moves and breathes, is one of the most striking pieces that showcase the designer’s engineering and programming skills.

In an interview with Vogue, the 28-year-old fashion designer stated that at first he only made these designs because he enjoyed messing around, creating clothes he could wear when meeting with friends. However, he turned his face completely to TikTok with the complete stop of nightlife during the pandemic. He is currently calling out to over 520 thousand followers on Tiktok. His videos get millions of likes, and the most liked one is the purple feather dress we mentioned above. 

Recently, Huges has been working on a dress that he will decorate with butterflies flapping wings using Arduino. The printed dress, which prints out the text you want on the vertical axis when you press the button, is also among the most popular. He designed the dress during the presidential elections in the USA. For this reason, he introduced it with the video he took while printing the “vote” text. A motorized dress, in which the pieces on the skirt change color while turning, is one of his most talked about works.

Hughs stated that it was difficult to prepare the breathing dress and it took a long time to make. This is because he had to find motorized systems that were small enough to fit the suit. He had to put everything together with 3D printing, paint and sewing before programming the motors to make the feathers move as he wanted. The designer also shows his followers the stages of the design process through mini vlogs.

You can check out the popular designer’s work along with how he has done it here on his Instagram page.

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