Crinkle Fabric: Properties, how it is made and more

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Crinkle fabric takes its name from the process applied to polyester or polyester blend fabrics. It has a wrinkled structure and looks as the name suggests. It is a kind of shaping process that is done to keep the shape given to the fabric by steam in a crinkle machine after knitting or weaving, with the pleating technique as in the batik process, or by twisting the fabric in a steam boiler.

Properties of crinkle fabric

Crinkle fabric has light and fine wrinkles. This fabric, which is wrinkled by itself, does not lose its wrinkle for a long time. Therefore, clothes made from this fabric can be worn comfortably in all seasons. The crinkle fabric, which has been highly preferred in recent years, is mostly used in the production of curtains in the home textile sector.

The crinkle fabric is inserted into the crinkle machine with special techniques (methods like pleating, bonding, tube etc.). The crinkle machine then permanently wrinkles the fabric. This wrinkle can remain in every wash. With the help of steam, wrinkles are given to the crinkle fabric. 

Today, crinkle fabric types are preferred a lot. Crinkle fabrics, which can be used in all seasons with their comfortable and thin structure, provide a very stylish and elegant appearance. Crinkle fabrics are generally preferred in home textiles. Curtain types made of crinkle fabric are also one of the preferred home textile products.

In addition to its use as curtains, crinkle fabric is frequently used in the clothing industry today. Apparels such as blouses, skirts and jackets are produced from crinkle fabrics, which have a particularly elegant and pleasant appearance. Crinkle fabric, which is very easy to use, does not require ironing and provides ease of maintenance.

Washing, ironing, care

When crinkle fabric is produced from polyester, which is a synthetic material, it can keep the body very warm. Polyester fabrics are generally used in making crinkle fabrics. Since the crinkle is in the form of 100% polyester or polyester mixture, it can cause breathing problems and sweating on the skin. In addition, the crinkle fabric mixed with viscose fabric can be worn comfortably in summer months with more fresh air.

Clothes and home textile products made of crinkle fabric must be washed at low temperatures. For this reason, if the clothes made of crinkle fabric are of a valuable and delicate structure, dry cleaning is recommended. In addition, these clothes should be washed in warm water and delicate programs. 

Crinkle fabrics do not require ironing, so crinkle fabrics that are hung to dry after washing can be used comfortably. Crinkle fabrics lose their natural wrinkles when ironed. Thus, the structure of the crinkle fabric will also deteriorate.

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