Cryptide: Fully SLS 3D printed sneaker

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German designer Stephan Henrich has created a fully 3D printed shoe called “The Cryptide sneaker.” The Bigfoot inspired footwear is fully SLS 3D-printed, has a one-piece design, and offers great ergonomics and comfort.

One of the biggest features of this ergonomic shoe is that it is made of a single material, like the Print 001 we mentioned earlier. This allows the shoes to be more durable, easy to wear and produce. The design with a single lacing system offers a clever solution for the user to put on and take off the shoes easily.

Since Cryptide is produced with 3D printing, it can be customized according to the wearer’s foot size and shape. The customizable sole and upper part with a sock-like structure helps the wearer to move comfortably from any position. Thanks to the measurements made by scanning the sole of the foot, a structure suitable for the foot form of the wearer is obtained. This, of course, causes the shoes to look different in shape.

“I would say you can wear it in real life.” Henrich says. “The whole shoe is one material, so this is, all as well the TPE, a nice thing. Also that you can adapt its shape to the personal foot, so you can really scan your foot and have the upper shoe be adapted to your autonomy.”

Inspired by legends such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, the design offers a slightly different look than standard sneaker models, but the designer emphasizes that this approach creates a unique footprint.

Cryptide design draws attention with its functionality and comfort. A material called TPE elastomer provides the ergonomic and flexible structure of the shoe. This material, which can also be called thermoplastic rubber, is a sustainable option thanks to its recyclability, while unlike plastic, it contains the soft, flexible and elastic structure of rubbers.

“I think TPE is a great material for designing shoes,” Henrich says. ‘‘I wanted to have first and foremost the sole that is only doable in SLS production, so you have this open design where you have four trajectories that come to the ground in a specific place and then an upper shoe that is printed in one shot with it. overall, this is not so much more than just a sock and this was the idea that led to this design.”

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