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Temperature Textiles: Communicating climate change through vivid textiles

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By 2070, under a high emissions scenario, unbearable temperatures could expand to affect up to 3 billion people. This brutal fact was enough for Raw Color, a design studio based in Holland, to create Temperature Textiles in order to show climate change data on various textiles.

Initiated and developed by Daniera ter Haar and Christoph Brach, Temperature Textiles range from knitted blankets, to scarves and socks and are designed to carry climate data and to provide warmth to the user – a beautiful irony indeed. The statistical data shows some bitter truths on global warming including temperature changes, sea levels and emission.

In each design, the duo turns data from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) into colorful line graphs that represent possible outcomes for the world by 2100. While blue, purple and green represent sea level, combinations of these warm and cool tones are used to visualize the changes.

Raw Color also organizes tree planting campaigns in cooperation with NGOs with the income earned from sales.

You can reach all the details about the Temperature Textiles project on its website. You can also check out the online store if you consider buying one of these beautifully crafted textiles.

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