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A sustainable approach to sneaker production

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Shoes are one of the least recycled accessories that pollute the environment. Fortunately, more and more giant brands and independent designers are investing to add more sustainability to the sneaker world lately. Amsterdam-based design studio Peterson Stoop is doing a resounding job in this sense. Founded in 2013 by Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop, the company recovers and gives a second life to old, discarded sneakers.

It is estimated that a single pair of shoes can remain in nature for 1,000 years without being destroyed. Setting off from this brutal reality, Peterson Stoop transforms old shoes into high-soled shoes, slippers and of course sneakers. “Through our experience in shoe repair we experienced that sneakers are discarded and replaced rather than repaired. in 2016 we developed our current concept; and conceived a way to tackle the issue of waste in the footwear industry.” the company says.

Peterson Stoop uses cork pieces when assembling the pieces. They also highlight original logos and frayed fabrics with bold stitching. This adds a very original aesthetic to the shoes. They source old sneakers from sorting centers, thrift stores, and overstock retailers. They have turned to brands such as Nike, Adidas and Converse because of their cultural meaning.

Offering more than a dozen gender-neutral styles, Peterson Stoop plans to expand its product range by focusing on the materials at hand. For example, 20 pairs of blue Nike Blazers inspired a unique collection that preserves the integrity of the original design with a new, repairable sole. 

They documented this by evaluating versions of the same shoes in different hues that were worn differently, scratched, streaked with scars, and faded from the sun. They create unique products from these products, which become different and unique from each other during use.

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