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Neuno is your new virtual wardrobe

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are used to certify digital assets with a unique and unchangeable code, have been one of the hottest trends this year. After record sales of artworks, these tokens are now making their mark in the fashion world by collaborating with the coolest players. 

Gucci Aria, the promotional film celebrating Gucci’s 100th anniversary, Louis the Game designed by Louis Vuitton with the artist Beeple, who still holds the NFT sales record, Burberry’s game Blankos Block Party, were among the first successful attempts of fashion with NFT. All of these were very exciting developments, but still relatively limited. The new start-up project neuno, which is the junction point of digital fashion, wearable technology and NFTs, is coming to accelerate this process.

Neuno, an Australian-based NFT marketplace, aims to connect the fashion industry with the crypto world and functions as a virtual wardrobe. In fact, what makes the start-up unique, which has features and functions very similar to traditional e-commerce sites, is that it works directly with the world’s largest fashion houses and artists and has exclusive rights to some games. 

“This is how we elevate the customer experience by building authenticity and credibility,” says Natalie Johnson, the person behind the project. “We provide our customers with the ability to pay with credit cards or through intermediaries such as Apple Pay, so there is no obligation to transact with cryptocurrency.” Having started her fashion career as a purchasing specialist 15 years ago, Johnson stepped into the world of fashion technologies over time.

Working in a virtual fitting technology-focused role, Johnson worked on a system that allows customers to see clothes on themselves and try on different models and sizes in digital shopping. Discovering her passion for 3D digital fashion in this way, Johnson talks about seeing the “potential, usefulness and power” she offers to designers and brands. Afterwards, she established a design studio called 3D Robe and provided consultancy to brands on digitalization, and gained great success in a short time by gaining the trust of famous brands such as Farfetch, ASICS and Woolmark.

“In recent years, I’ve been trying to find a way to get customers’ attention to the 3D renders we’ve been excitedly producing, trying to develop a concept,” Natalie explains. All these efforts coincide with the period when fashion and gaming collaborations are increasing more than ever and NFTs are slowly starting to surface, and thus the neuno is born. Iconic fashion products, digital wearables that will replace filters in social media applications such as Snapchat, or skins that can be passed on to the metaverse (collective shared sandbox) and avatars in games are just a few of the things you can buy on this platform.

Neuno, which will be live this month, has already signed agreements with five famous brands. Future collaborations are determined by the site visitors voting system. Currently, brands such as Cartier, Hublot, Gucci and Yeezy are among the options.

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