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Boots made from upcycled coffee grounds

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Singapore-based sustainable footwear startup Ccilu has unveiled the XpreSole Panto as “the world’s first rain boot made from upcycled coffee grounds.” They say that the boot is the perfect combination of lightweight, durable, trendy and eco-friendly.

Coffee consumption has reached enormous amounts with the increasing population, such that 60% of coffee species are endangered by the overconsumption and climate change. For example, it is estimated that around 500,000 tons of coffee waste is released annually in the UK. The USA, which consumes 400 million cups of coffee a day, is one of the countries with the highest coffee consumption in the world. Worldwide, 25 billion kilograms of coffee waste is released every year.

When the consumption was at this level, the eyes looking for sustainable materials focused on how the coffee wastes could be evaluated. Coffee waste began to be evaluated in two separate branches; coffee bean husks and coffee grounds. Recently it is used as fuel, clothing, and even as a construction material. It is also remarkable that it comes to the shoes we wear.

Coffee turns into shoes

The XpreSole Panto is a vegan certified shoes. A combination of upcycled eco-friendly materials, predominantly coffee grounds, is used in its manufacturing. Ccilu has developed and patented a new technique to obtain a high quality shoe material from coffee grounds. About 15 cups of coffee grounds were used to make each pair.

Ccilu first started by collecting coffee grounds from local coffee shops in Taiwan. Then, they applied a process that removed the moisture from the coffee grounds and turned the grounds into pellets. The startup then turned the pellets into textile materials which are used in the lining and insole of the shoes.

The rest of the coffee-based pellets were used to form the shell and outer sole of the shoe. The laces are made from recycled plastic bottles. As a result, about a third of the shoe’s mass consists of recycled coffee grounds. Other materials used to build the Ccilu XpreSole Panto (recycled rubber, LYCRA and Eco EVA) are also sustainable, the company says. 

The XpreSole Panto is promoted as the perfect vegan shoe for any climate or occasion. Durable for walking on snow, for example, and light enough (about 230 grams) to wear on long workdays and breathable. The outsole dries quickly, provides rubber grip, and the shoes are 100% waterproof and dirt-proof. The interior of the shoe features a removable, odor-resistant insole that keeps feet dry all day. They can even be washed in the washing machine when they get dirty. 

The XpreSole Panto project, which was funded on Kickstarter, has successfully gathered its targeted goal within 2 days.

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